Vegetable Cultivation And Marketing On Community Basis
   Rice is the main crop of Kanker district during kharif season. After rice some of farmers practiced vegetable cultivation for their own consumption and some of the farmers commercially grow vegetables. Due to lack of irrigation facilities and marketing of vegetables many farmers avoid cultivation. To overcome this problem KVK introduce vegetable cultivation on community basis i.e. community irrigation, community marketing in three villages (Largaon, Aroud and Kotela) of the district. For this KVK organize different activities they are -
1. Group meeting
2. Trainings and awareness among farmers
3. Demonstrations of improved production technologies of vegetables.
4. Introduced recommended package of practice
5. Created irrigation facilities with the Synergy of Govt. and promote water sharing.
6. Promote collective marketing of produce.
Impact of the KVK Intervention
* Vegetables area in the district increased from 7210 ha to 11980 ha in four years.
* Farmer adopted  vegetable  cultivation in cluster basis
* Marketing on community basis by purchasing vehicles
* Yield of crops , income and employment almost doubled
* Sharing irrigation resources on community basis